Poem Submission: Poetry Vending Machine


Want one of your poems loaded into a public vending machine? Submit your work here and we will typewrite it onto a piece of genuine paper and load it into our Poetry Vending Machine. We will include your name, or you can leave a poem anonymously. We do not reserve any printing rights, feel free to submit poetry that has appeared in publications. Simultaneous submissions are totally fine! That said, poetry submitted to the Poetry Vending Machine Project may be reprinted and restocked into the machines. So, if your poem is going to be published elsewhere and/or you wish for us to stop using your poetry for any reason, please contact Attack Bear Press and we will discontinue printing your piece. However, given the nature of the project and the mechanics of the machines, we will not be able to assure you that an older printing of your poem would not still be in a machine at the date of your writing to us.

Submitting this form does not guarantee that your poem will appear in a vending machine, and we reserve the right to reject poetry. Multiple submissions encouraged, please only one poem per form submission.

Guidelines: For now we ask that poetry you submit is no longer than 45 lines long (if single spaced), and with no greater than 45 characters in each line (including spaces, we’re typing these on a typewriter remember). We can only currently accept electronic submissions in English, French, or Spanish.

Want to type your own poem? AWESOME! Please do and instead of filling out the form below.
The only guidelines for mailed in submissions are that all the information (title, your name, poem) fit on a 4” x 8.5” (10cm x 21.5cm) piece of paper. No limit on how many you want to send us…. yet! So don’t be crazy about it. You know a rule has to happen because someone makes a rule necessary, right? Anyway, get typing and mail those it to:

Poetry Vending Machine
c/o Attack Bear Press
P.O. Box 268
Easthampton, MA 01027

But for those who don’t own a typewriter (yet!!) or those who may live far, far away (sup Ghana!) feel free to fill out this here form right here:

Name *
Anonymize *
If you would like your name left off your vending machine poem we will write "anonymous" instead.
So we know where are content is coming from. You know, because grants.
Or write "untitled" if no title.
No longer than 45 lines (if single spaced) and 45 or fewer characters per line.
I can't center justify. I mean I CAN, but I won't. Remember, these are being typed on a typewriter.