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At Attack Bear Press we try to make as much art happen as possible, and we always endeavor for any events to be free or as low cost as we can for the public.

Your support makes all the difference.

This year we have experienced disheartening news from the Easthampton Cultural Council regarding funding for our Latinx/Chicanx/Indigenous specific art efforts. This year ECC denied funding to nearly all our Latinx/Chicanx/Indigenous specific art efforts. To the single Latinx/Chicanx/Indigenous specific art project that was approved for funding ECC offered us $50 in support. Our efforts in these areas have served hundreds of people in our community at Bookfest, cultural chaos, artwalk and other events in 2018. What is truly disturbing is this is the lowest funding amount offered to any artist in over 3 years by ECC. We wish to continuing to provide art to our community and Your funding makes all the difference in keeping our efforts possible. 

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