Jason Montgomery

Jason’s plays have been featured in theaters and festivals across the country including numerous theaters in New York City, The Circle X Theatre in Los Angeles, and The Diversionary Theatre in San Diego. In 2011, Jason’s piece “LBC Bounty” was optioned by 20th Century Fox Television. In 2008 he completed graduate studies in the University of California, Santa Barbara's department of Theatre and Dance with an emphasis in Playwriting and Chicano Studies. This summer Jason plans on joining Alexandra in falling down the stairs at a Motel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


The People that are Going to Hell

In 2017 Attack Bear Press produced the New 10 Minute Play Showcase for Easthampton City Art's 3rd Annual BookFest. Jason Montgomery was hard at work to gather together amazing local performers and playwrights from across all of Western Mass. to make BookFest 2017 the best year for new theatre in Easthampton. Being that it's theatre, and also being that it's Jason things got absurd quick. Now we are not sure if it was just that he was listening to a lot of The Vandals (he was) that week or if there was a theme to the works we received (also yes), but before Attack Bear Press knew he was mumbling something about people going to hell. While this is kind of par for the course with Jason we were all a little surprised when that turned out to be theme for the evening.


memories of my life: A Walking Myth

Attack Bear Press is proud to announce the debut of our new project “Memories of My Life: A Walking Myth”. This three part visual art project chronicles the life of Virginia Favela Gomez, the great-grandmother of Attack Bear Press Co-Founder Jason Montgomery. “Memories of My Life: A Walking Myth” presents a translation of Virginia's oral history, and immigration story from Sierra Mojada, Mexico to El Centro, California. Mixed media images created by Jason Montgomery feature on a series of posters in various public venues throughout New England.



enclosure is a site specific mixed media installation project. Constructed with found objects the enclosure installations appear in public areas across New England. 


The No-No Project

The No-No Project, whose name is inspired by one of Steven Jesse Bernstein’s poems, follows the legacy of his work with Subpop recordings. Local Poets from across the Pioneer Valley will be invited to come and record their work at the home studios of Union St. Records. The artists at Union St. Records, with the permission of the poet, will use the recordings to create musical soundscapes of their own. The resulting piece will be featured weekly here on the No-No Project Web-page and social media platforms.


Atravesadas Project

Artist Jason Montgomery and his 7 year old son started the Artavesada Project on 1/12/19 at the Border Fence in El Centro, California. Over 3 days the pair covered 96 miles of the border fence and the surrounding area from the Calexico/Mexicali crossing to the Tecate Border station with Atravesadas signs and food/water care packages .If you encounter one of these posters in the wild we encourage you to take it, create on it and return it. For all artists in the Imperial Valley (Calexico, El Centro, Imperial, Brawely, Holtville, Mexicali etc.) if you would like posters to create on for your work in the Valley DM us and we will make arrangements.


Aquí Y Allá

Existing in the space between here and there, Aquí Y Allá explores the Post-colonial narrative through active synthesis and guided (re)construction. This show features new work from our enclosure project, excerpts and reworkings from our “memories of my life: Walking Book” and other community art.