El Oso Azul’s Cardboard Arroyo of Mythical Creatures

Belchertown Art week Art Walk: April 28th 2019

El Oso Azul’s Cardboard Arroyo of Mythical Creatures is a stationary performance and installation art piece in which Attack Bear Press Co-founder Jason Montgomery portrays El Oso Azul, Heavy Weight Champion, who provides life and love advice to the people of the BELCHERTOWN at his booth (think Lucy from Peanuts). Along with Life and Love advice El Oso provides information about the cross-cultural history of Lucha Libre and its importance to Chicanos and Mexicanos. For the Belchertown Art week Art Walk El Oso brought his friends with him! The cardboard arroyo of mythical creatures features a series of mythical from Chicano folklore. These include a Chupacabra, El Cu-Cuy, and the Thunderbird. The people of Belchertown were invited to come and draw, color, paint and share their own mythical creature.