memories of my life: A Walking Myth

Attack Bear Press is proud to announce the debut of our new project “Memories of My Life: A Walking Myth”. This three part visual art project chronicles the life of Virginia Favela Gomez, the great-grandmother of Attack Bear Press Co-Founder Jason Montgomery. “Memories of My Life: A Walking Myth” presents a translation of Virginia's oral history, and immigration story from Sierra Mojada, Mexico to El Centro, California. Mixed media images created by Jason Montgomery feature on a series of posters in various public venues throughout New England.


Memories of my life: A Walking Myth.

Attack Bear Press Co-founder, and artist, Jason Montgomery

Part One: Eastworks Open Studios 2018

Following Virginia from birth to her time as a nurse with Pancho Villa’s army, Part One of “memories” debuted in the windows of Suite 147 at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA as a part of Eastworks Open Studios.


Part Two and Three: Belchertown Cultural Council Food Truck Friday 2019

Following Virginia from her escape from Chihuahua following the withdrawn of Pancho Villa’s forces to her eventual crossing of the US border to El Centro, CA.