memories of my life: A Walking Myth

Attack Bear Press is proud to announce the debut of our new project “Memories of My Life: A Walking Myth”. This three part visual art project chronicles the life of Virginia Favela Gomez, the great-grandmother of Attack Bear Press Co-Founder Jason Montgomery. “Memories of My Life: A Walking Myth” presents a translation of Virginia's oral history, and immigration story from Sierra Mojada, Mexico to El Centro, California. Mixed media images created by Jason Montgomery feature on a series of posters in various public venues throughout New England.


Memories of my life: A Walking Myth. Part One

Attack Bear Press Co-founder, and artist, Jason Montgomery

Part One: Eastworks Open Studios 2018

Following Virginia from birth to her time as a nurse with Pancho Villa’s army, Part One of “memories” debuted in the windows of Suite 147 at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA as a part of Eastworks Open Studios.