Jen Wagner

Jen Wagner is a native Massachusetts print-maker and illustrator that currently resides in Southern Texas with her family. Her works includes images of animals and misfit humans that leaves the viewer to fill in their own narratives and motives. She specializes in etching, intaglio, and lithography.

Projects for Attack Bear Press

Since joining with Attack Bear Press, Jen Wagner has provide the art and design work for two of our projects: The People that are Going to Hell: Ten Minute Play Showcase, and Postcards To Easthampton.


Specializing in etching, intaglio, and lithography, Jen Wagner's subtle and beautiful artwork asks the viewer to create their own narratives and motives. Check out Jen's portfolio below!

Commissions and Contact

Jen is always on the look out for exciting projects. To discuss commissions or other partnership opportunities click "Learn More"