Alexandra M Woolner

Alexandra is a poet, international educator, and typewriter enthusiast originally from Worcester County, Massachusetts. In 2016 Alexandra co-founded Attack Bear Press with Jason R. Montgomery, and deeply enjoys organizing typewriter drop-ins and type-ins where she gets her typewriter nerd on with an unsuspecting public. When not writing or reading poetry, she can be found convincing brave youth to spend a good chunk of their academic careers abroad, lurking in the Sergio Aragones section of comic book shops, and gently annoying her cat (TJ, the original attack bear). Alex received her B.A. in English from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2007, and her M.A. in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute in 2014.  Contact Alex for all of your typewriter needs or interests!

Where's the 1 Key?: Alex's Typewriter Blog

A feminist typewriter blog about portable machines, their care, and their quirks.

Parking Lot Post

Found art postcards from parking lots around the country. Free range, definitely not organic.


The No-No Project

The No-No Project, whose name is inspired by one of Steven Jesse Bernstein’s poems, follows the legacy of his work with Subpop recordings. Local Poets from across the Pioneer Valley will be invited to come and record their work at the home studios of Union St. Records. The artists at Union St. Records, with the permission of the poet, will use the recordings to create musical soundscapes of their own. The resulting piece will be featured weekly here on the No-No Project Web-page and social media platforms.

Easthampton BookFest 2017: Typewriters and Postcards To Easthampton

Very happy to have been part of this year’s Easthampton Bookfest and then get a shout out in the Gazette for my events. Getting the community to interact with typewriters (some for the first time) and relive memories of their old machines was the best. Thanks to ECA+ and the Mass Cultural Council for funding the events and lending support to my nerding.