Atravesadas Project

January 12th - 14th, Calexico/Mexicali to Tecate Border Crossings, California.

Artist Jason Montgomery and his 7 year old son started the Artavesada Project on 1/12/19 at the Border Fence in El Centro, California. Over 3 days the pair covered 96 miles of the border fence and the surrounding area from the Calexico/Mexicali crossing to the Tecate Border station with Atravesadas signs and food/water care packages .If you encounter one of these posters in the wild we encourage you to take it, create on it and return it. For all artists in the Imperial Valley (Calexico, El Centro, Imperial, Brawely, Holtville, Mexicali etc.) if you would like posters to create on for your work in the Valley DM us and we will make arrangements.

*We suffered some technical issues on this project and lost some photos when we dropped a phone in the desert, but we have the memories and purpose. If you see one on these out in the wild please do us a solid and send along the photo! We will gladly send you a free button