The No-No Project Cd Release

On 1.9.18 The No-No Project celebrated our cd release with a special feature at UnButtoned in Easthampton, Ma. Held at Luthier’s Co-Op on the first Tuesday of the month UnButtoned is an Easthampton institution heading into it’s 6th year of providing poetry and spoken word to western mass.  

A No-No Project Spin off: “Trump Cards”

First performed at Meat for Tea’s “100,000 artists for change” event and then again at the Art in the Park Full Moon walk, “Trump Cards” from Union St. Records and Attack Bear Press is a special brand of our nonsense. Combining Jason’s spoken word performance (52 random phrases written on a pack of playing cards stolen from Trump Plaza) with Union St. Records musical skills the piece is a personal and universal comment.  

We were lucky enough to rope RC Hoffman from La Mesa, CA to create some art for the video. We hope you enjoy it? *awkward shrug*


The End: #Identificame

This morning we received a message from the City of Easthampton regarding the #identificame project. The message read: 

"Good morning....I am writing re: your art along the Manhan Rail Trail. Please note that signs or objects of any sort are not allowed on public property -- we routinely will remove any signs that show up along the trail. Saying that, the City did NOT remove either the original figure or the secondary piece of art. I had sent the DPW down to remove the second artpiece this morning and it was already gone. If anything else appears, the city will remove it and will bring it to the municipal building at 50 Payson Avenue for you to retrieve. Thanks for your cooperation. "

We are thankful to the City of Easthampton for being so cooperative and understanding, especially for offering to hold the piece for us to retrieve.  I think that speaks volumes about what this City is, and what this City wants to be. When we put the project in motion we did so fully prepared to face what ever official consequences came from our actions. We put the piece in place knowing that the City of Easthampton, as an organization, could very have taken it down, or levied other consequences upon the artist or our clearing house, and we are very impressed with the City of Easthampton for showing tolerance. Thank you to the City of Easthampton.

When we set out to do this project we had a clear vision--to draw attention to the human issue of our borders. We had also hoped that by doing the piece we could show people that we live in a very privileged position. Our ability to move through our community. Our relationship with our natural environment. Our distance. All of these factors allow us to disassociate ourselves from the human realities of the complex issue of our borders. When we talk about building walls, or stopping immigration in general abstract terms we have distance from the actual human cost those decisions have. We hoped that we could bring something into our environment that would, at least in a small way, connect us with the realities of our constructed borders.

That being said--the rest of the piece was taken by a PERSON(S) in our community, not by the City of Easthampton. Further, the backlash, and privilege that we saw from some members of our community surprised us. Privilege is, in our opinion, the ability to disengage. The ability to chose when, how, or in what way we will act on our political, moral, or personal beliefs. I believe that it is easy to over look how fundamental a difference that can be.

We at Attack Bear Press love this community. We love what it is trying to become and we love what it is. We love it enough to try to make it better. We thank everyone who engaged with the piece, and we especially than the allies that repaired and put it back up.

However, if anyone does know where it ended up we would love to know what became of it. We currently have a bet that it is on its way for a much needed vacation in Tusla, Oklahoma. 

Thank you--Jason Montgomery, Attack Bear Press


Returned: #Identificame

So, after spending the day with my mom and sister in Hartford, we came back Easthampton. We had planned on heading over to the Art and Activism event at Millside park for an hour or so to meet with Kevin and Sara from Union Street Records, have a quick bite then pack it in. While there we were told that the #Identificame project was up again. A quick trip down the bike path confirmed it. Later that night we found out through the joys of social media that community members Audry Blaisdell and Shae Blaisdell taken up the cause and repaired the piece. That is the definition of humanity in our book. Taking up the pain of another--taking up the cause of another--then sacrificing of yourself to make it right. We haven't met Audry and Shae, but they have all our thanks. That is more than the gesture of an ally. That is the action of a partner and a friend.



The #Identificame project, which was launched on the night of Wednesday, August 23rd, looked to draw attention to our borders, through a guerrilla art sculpture. The project created a makeshift border space here in easthampton through the parallel placement of a lone figure and a corresponding wall along a the Manhan Bike Trail. It was our hope that by creating this border space here in easthampton we could humanize and connect our community with the, sometimes tragic, aspects our border philosophy, and how it relates to our cultural identity.

With sadness and disappointment we discovered this afternoon that some time today it had already been torn down, destroyed and/or pieces of it stolen. Didn't even survive 24 hours. Way to be Easthampton. Way to be.

Currently, we are leaving the remaining parts of the project where it fell in the hope that someone from our community will choose a better way to engage this piece and this issue. It can be found off the bike path behind the Eastworks complex.

RIP: Indentificame...wherever you are.



Where are your borders?

Our borders are far more than the lines that separates the US from other nations. It is an intrinsic part of each member of our society. These internal borders divide us. Resistance begins with Identification. Attack Bear Press has erected the #indentificame project along the Easthampton Bike Path, in part, to draw attention to our self imposed borders--those places where our understanding begins and ends. Please tell us about your borders here or on any of our platforms.


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New No-No Project exclusive EP CD releases will be given out by Jason tomorrow at Noho Pride? How do you know this? Because you read the whole post! The secret password is: "give me one of them, jerk face!"  


Jason is sneaking pictures of Union St. Record's super secret working notebook as we put together the full release! 


Tj says, "why are you looking at me, Computer Not Alex's? Do your part for Attack Bear Press or get Attack Bear'ed!" 

Not Alex Swears Cheetohz to TJ

This is NOT ALEX here on MY BLOG and definitely I am a human typing and not a TJ but I think TJ is the amazingest and the hansomest and best and not Bitz:


So I, Not Alex, announce to the blog world that I will give him all the cheetos. This is legally binding and also where did Alex go I miss her tell her to come back RIGHT NOW AND SNUGGLEZ.  

What the What?

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